Red Ribbon Tree

Red Ribbon Tree


 Have you ever read a book where the main character shares the same name as you? 

Or the description of their appearance makes them sound like they could be your twin?  For Eliza and Milo, those neat little similarities are anything but a coincidence. 

Milo is a shy gamer harboring a secret crush. Eliza is an outgoing athlete who managed to catch the eye of the most popular boy in school. They live entirely different yet completely normal lives. At least, they were normal… until they both stumble upon a very special book.

They aren’t just similar to the main characters now. They’ve become them. Sucked into the land of the written word, they must battle blood-thirsty dragons, and murderous creatures that shouldn’t exist as they journey to the Red Ribbon Tree--their only hope at returning home.

With so many worlds at their fingertips, the pair must find a way to reach the completion of their intertwined story and return home before the words “The End” take on a deadly meaning.