Kingdom Cold Series

Kingdom Cold


 The day I learned of my arranged marriage to the Prince of Vires,  I decided to kill him.  

Nothing could compare to the horror of being sold to a man I didn't know, forced into a consummation ceremony in front of the royal council, and becoming a prisoner in my own castle.   

I was wrong. 

At sixteen years old, I didn't want to be married to anyone, least of all the young but cold Prince of Vires. Despite the kingdom of Besmium's vulnerability without our alliance, I hatched the perfect plan to stop the marriage I never asked for--I decided to kill him. But when I got what I wanted and the wedding was canceled, I realized there were worse things than being married to Prince Young. Things like my kingdom being under attack and another prince vying for my hand. 


Now my only hope is the man I tried to kill. But with the enemy circling Besmium like a hawk, it may be too late. Now I'm faced with an impossible choice--my kingdom...or my heart.